27 July 2014

BEYOND REACH at Supertoon2014

 "Beyond reach", the music video I've made for Negar Bouban's song has been selected in the official competition of Supertoon2014 (Croatia) in the category of music video competition. The festival will start tonight and will go on till the first of August.
Here is the link to the trailer of "Beyond reach":
Excerpts from '' Beyond Reach''

Link to the festival program. Our work is under the category of COMPETITION OF ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEOS:

Official competition- Supertoon 2014

17 July 2014

An avant-goût : "Les remparts de Varsovie 1943-44"

The most enjoyable part of my work is the first sketches I do for the animations-to-be.

A couple of months ago I started working on a project about the story of a woman  during the uprising in Warsaw during the second world war . I've done a few minutes of animation for this documentary called "Les remparts de Varsovie 1943-44".

 Today I was going through the first sketches, comparing them with the final result. 

;) ! Not bad!

This is only an avant-goût! I'll post the videos and more info about this collaboration very soon! 

"Les remparts de Varsovie 1943-44" is a production of association MEDIEL asbl and André Bossuroy (Belgium) as director and producer. 

08 July 2014

"Where have I seen this before? "- Some photos and an interview

An interview mainly but not only about my animation installation "Where have I seen this before?".  16 site-specific animations were selected by Animafest and the museum of contemporary art in Zagreb(MSU) to be projected on the façade of the museum from May 23 to June 8, 2014.

This interview was done by Dolores Marčetić, during my visit to Animafest 2014.

By the way it is published in Croatian!


06 July 2014

Zagreb's journal

Bok! Here is a journal of my souvenirs from Zagreb and Animafest2014. A lot of them are inspired by my instagram notes and posts while I was there.