16 September 2013

Détective Animé @ Eucalyptus sauna

Sketching for "STEAM", an idea for a short animation based on stories of a public, eucalyptus sauna. 

24 August 2013

Détective Animé@ More pain, more film!

Trying to dance flamenco made me accept  that I need to do something before it's too late. Being 33 and by nodoubt one of the weakest women of our group in terms of muscle force is not something to be proud of!

So I decided to give swimming another try and that's how the first sparkles for an animation film appeared as I was under the shower in the changing room area.

More pain, more film!

Voila the first tests for this idea.

Détective Animé@ Conversations with Ai Weiwei

A great reading on art and blogging. Weiwei became an architect by accidentally buying a book. This book was about an architect who decided to design a house for his mother.  Wiewei became a blogger but he didn't have any idea how these things  work, but he seized the opportunity when they offered him an empty online space called a blog to fill with words.

Being open to the unknown and confronting life and it's unexpected moments are the keys to his successful career.

"After Duchamp, I realized that being an artist is more about a lifestyle and attitude than producing some product."
Ai Weiwei, "Ai Weiwei speaks, with Hans Ulrich Obrist" 

18 August 2013

Détective Animé@ The Question

Last two months were full of projects to be done, future projects to work on, trips and ideas to develop. I will send them one by one. For now here are some frames from the first tests I've been working on  for "The Question", a short animation film  I'm animating on for Eye Inside Films in Toronto.

31 May 2013

Détective Animé@ first steps of ''Story of my career''

My second test for a presentation letter! I will stretch it to 3 pages and will add texts beside each image! With a bit of patience, I will also work on an animated version!

22 May 2013

Détective Animé@ Platform

A few weeks ago I finished working on the credits of PLATFORM, a short film by Shahab Mihandoust. We spent a few days talking about this idea of using animation at the end of the film and to see how it could add to it. That is what I imagined for the credits based on the story and the characters.

link to the credits:

And here is the link to Platform's trailer:

17 May 2013

Détective Animé@ Animated café!


A link to the animations created by the participants of Créanimez, a workshop I gave  at M.A.I. a month ago. They were asked to use the a café and its objects as their source of inspiration. Most of the 6 creators of this video had no previous knowledge of film animation!

14 May 2013

Détective Animé @ Drag and drop your signature!

I decided to write letters to talk about my work. working on them, I just noticed that even when I decide to write to someone on paper I start drafting digitally using photoshop and after effects and my digital pen. I even sign them digitally!

And still each morning, before haeding to my studio, I add a pen to my bag!

07 May 2013

Détective Animé@ Back to food simplicity

Finally the  video that Détective Animé has designed and animated for Le Food Box is available online. Le Foodbox is a Montreal based company whose mission is to promote food simplicity and support local products, through awareness and education. Take a look at the video and the website. 

Le Food Box 

18 April 2013

Détective Animé@ animated café

I'm giving a workshop at M.A.I. this coming saturday at 1 p.m for participants with no background in animation.

(the date has been changed form 13th to 20th april)

This time I'm going to test something different from my previous workshops. We are going to make a frame by frame film in a cafe, using the space and the accessories and different techniques of animation. We'll see how it will come out! I'm designing a plan for the set.

That is the place I 've chosen for the workshop.

10 April 2013

Détective Animé@ lefoodbox

It is done and delivered !

Here is a fresh frame of the latest story I've created in form of video for LEFOODBOX, savour simplicity!

I will post the video as soon as it is launched on the website.

Détective Animé@ Bonjour!

10 February 2013

Détective Animé@ Documentation of video installation

Voici a link to the documentation of the video installation at M.A.I. for the project '' ai-je déjà vu cela?'' 

please click on the image below to watch the video. 

29 January 2013

Détective Animé@ visual identity

Here is the Visual Identity of Détective Animé. A big thank to Keyvan Mahjoor, the painter behind this logo. You can see his beautiful ,magical daily drawings on his facebook page:


04 January 2013

Détective Animé@ what I wanted to post in December 2012

These are some tests for my future short animated film. I finished the first phase of work before December 2012 and I'm reworking on the script after a month of vacation. During the last month I was shooting reference photos to see what was missing in my first drafts. 

This short is an interaction between a child and her aunt. It happens in an apartment on the 34th floor of a high-rise surrounded by cranes and constructions sites.