29 August 2012

Détective animé@ Through and Distant


Negar Bouban has released her new album Through. It is composed for solo Oud and vocals based on Persian music.

I'm currently finalising an animation film  based on the forth song of this album Distant.

You can buy the album by following the link below
and enjoy  listening to samples of the album:


Negar Bouban | Through

15 August 2012

Détective animé @ Must-Read

Some days you can't focus on your work and you suddenly notice magic moments that you normally miss! These days it's better to put your work aside and to spend time for something different. While I was taking a break from working on my animations, I came across a link to an interesting post I found on NFB Blog written by Carolyne Weldon. It has been a while I was looking for such a list :

20 Must-Read Blogs for Film Buffs

14 August 2012

Détective animé @ autour d'une table

These days I'm finalizing ''Autour d'une table'', a short animation film I have started 3 years ago! 

Currently I'm working on the music with FXDupas , a great musician whom I had the chance to know thanks to an exchange between the music students of Mcgill, Université de Montréal and Concordia animation students in 2010.

I'm also working on the color correction, final editing and the credits! 

The trailer will be ready very soon !  

05 August 2012

Détective animé @ step by step ''where have I seen this before?''

Interesting to see how I was looking at the subject a year and a half ago and how the whole idea and the visuals have changed (developed?!). These drawings show the visual process from the very beginning to the present. I'm still working on the animations and the background movements.