14 February 2014

Détective Animé @ fishing all through the winter

I took sometimes off from my blog. I went on a trip, I watched a lot of Iranian short animations from the last 10 years. I met a lot of independent animators and filmmakers. I will soon write a post about this project.

 At the end of my trip to wonderland I came back home and it was white everywhere. I started a new job and I reduced the speed of my life a bit. Winter helped me look at what I've already done and where I eventually want to go.

 While I was in Tehran,I started to draw what fascinated me in my daily life and I continued that at my return on a daily, weekly basis. Surprisingly, my ideas are transferred so differently on the paper that I get to realize and to accept that what I seem to see is not what I really see. In other words what I think I see is not really what I see. The image I keep in my mind from my surrounding is a mix of what is transferred through my eyes + what I like to see + what I already have in my mind at that moment.

I put these drawings on my instagram . You find a link to this page on the right column of my blog. It's snowing again!