31 May 2013

Détective Animé@ first steps of ''Story of my career''

My second test for a presentation letter! I will stretch it to 3 pages and will add texts beside each image! With a bit of patience, I will also work on an animated version!

22 May 2013

Détective Animé@ Platform

A few weeks ago I finished working on the credits of PLATFORM, a short film by Shahab Mihandoust. We spent a few days talking about this idea of using animation at the end of the film and to see how it could add to it. That is what I imagined for the credits based on the story and the characters.

link to the credits:

And here is the link to Platform's trailer:

17 May 2013

Détective Animé@ Animated café!


A link to the animations created by the participants of Créanimez, a workshop I gave  at M.A.I. a month ago. They were asked to use the a café and its objects as their source of inspiration. Most of the 6 creators of this video had no previous knowledge of film animation!

14 May 2013

Détective Animé @ Drag and drop your signature!

I decided to write letters to talk about my work. working on them, I just noticed that even when I decide to write to someone on paper I start drafting digitally using photoshop and after effects and my digital pen. I even sign them digitally!

And still each morning, before haeding to my studio, I add a pen to my bag!

07 May 2013

Détective Animé@ Back to food simplicity

Finally the  video that Détective Animé has designed and animated for Le Food Box is available online. Le Foodbox is a Montreal based company whose mission is to promote food simplicity and support local products, through awareness and education. Take a look at the video and the website. 

Le Food Box