03 November 2012

Détective Animé @ Animated invitation

Here is an animated invitation to the video installation '' Où ai-je déjà vu cela ?''. 


And a couple of pictures from the technical installation on-site! 

26 October 2012

Détective Animé@ Opening in two weeks

OÙ AI-JE DÉJÀ VU CELA ? Vernissage/Exhibition opening: Monday, November 5, 6 pm at the MAI café

Nightime window projections
November 4 to 10, 2012
6 pm to 11pm

Installation vidéographique projetée sur les fenêtres du MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels), Où ai-je déjà vu cela ? sollicite par sa poésie urbaine les passants de la rue Jeanne-Mance à Montréal. Conçu à partir de la technique du cinéma d'animation, ce triptyque vidéographique puise son inspiration dans les miniatures persanes anciennes ainsi que dans le Montréal contemporain. Recherchant la similarité entre le passé et le présent, la trame narrative estompe les notions du temps et du lieu.

L’œuvre de Parissa Mohit amalgame la représentation picturale médiévale aux images de Montréalais croquées sur le vif. Création gigogne - histoire qui en cache une autre - Où ai-je déjà vu cela ? insuffle un sens épique à ces tranches de vie montréalaises. Danse au tam-tam, bataille médiévale au Mont-royal et moments intimes dans les parcs de Montréal, autant de scènes du quotidien qui se superposent aux légendes persanes.

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A video installation projected onto the windows of the MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels), Où ai-je déjà vu cela ? (Where have I seen this before?) attracts the attention of passers-by on Jean-Mance street in Montreal with its urban poetry. Conceived using animated film techniques, this video triptych draws its inspiration from ancient persian minatures, as well as from contemporary Montreal. Creating a similarity between past and present, the narrative erases the concepts of time and space. 

Parissa Mohit joins medieval pictorial representation with images of montrealers sketched from real life. A new work with a Russian doll construction - each stroy conceals another - Où ai-je déjà vu cela ? Breathes a sense of epic into these slices of Montreal life. A Tam-Tam dance, a medieval battle on Mount-Royal, and an intimate moment in a park are some of the scenes of everyday life superimposed on Persian legends.

Conception et réalisation : Parissa Mohit
Animatrice et coloriste/ Animator and Colorist : Éléonore Goldberg
Conception sonore/ Sound design: Julie Verfaillie
Conception des éléments urbains/ Urbain elements: Jean-Christophe Leblond
Montage on-line/ On-line editing: Sylvain Cossette

En collaboration avec/In collaboration with PRIM

Here is a link to the Facebook event :

18 October 2012

Détective Animé @ Cours écrire ton court

A script I was working on during the summer was selected to be a part of the finalists of Cours Écrire ton Court, a contest organized by SODEC

''Une visite'' is the story of a 5-year-old girl who is supposed to spend the day with her aunt. She believes she doesn't receive the attention she deserves and she decides to disappear. 

Détective Animé is really looking forward to developing this script during the workshops held during the months of October and November. Here are a few visual tests to illustrate the first version of the script.

15 October 2012

10 October 2012

05 October 2012

02 October 2012

Détective Animé @ TONGUE AND TEETH book trailer

From storyboard and brainstorming to visual tests and production. The book trailer for the latest publication of Here be monsters , TONGUE AND TEETH will be online tomorrow.

01 October 2012

Détective Animé @ M.A.I ,a snapshot

A snapshot of the program of the current season at M.A.I.... this page is about my expo in November! (see LARP, DANSE ) 

and here is a link to the full version: 

25 September 2012

Détective Animé@ Tongues and Teeth

Just started working on another book trailer for ''Here be Monsters'', a collection of short fiction by Canadian writers based out of Montreal, Quebec. Meant to show off the weird and wonderful in genre 
Tongues and Teeth is the title for issue 7. The book launch is on October 5, in Montreal at Kafein

24 September 2012

Détective Animé@ Music for a LARP

Part 2 of the video projection is taking form! Getting ready for the first meeting with my music composer , Julie Verfaillie

14 September 2012

Détective Animé@ small is beautiful

The smaller a subject, the more you need to squeeze and squash in order to observe it.  The small size tickles your imagination. Small is mysterious and mystery is beautiful!


BTW I have used this picture not beacause these stairs are parts of a project at Détective Animé but because of  Jean-Christophe's hands that are embracing them. He has already made and designed sets for my last three film projects. His precise representation of the reality around him has helped me to look at things in a new way. It gives me more enthusiasm to observe and animate. 

10 September 2012

Détective animé @ chez sa tante

My parents are always busy with their work. As a child I used to feel the difference between my family and those of my classmates. One day,27 years ago,  when I was supposed to spend a day long with my aunt, I decided to change the routine and take some more space, as I believed I deserved!

I'm working on a script based on this story.

04 September 2012

Détective Animé @ LARP

LARP (live action role-playing game) is the subject of study for the second episode of a video I'm working on, inspired by a persian miniature painting and based on a scene I have seen on the mountain of Montréal.
It all happened a summer day, three years ago. As I was walking in the park I noticed a group f people dressed-up in medieval style. They were imitating an imaginary fight with swords, fire and a winner at the end.

Right beside these role-players were people playing percussion instruments and dancing in a big group (check out Détective animé @ visual test 1 ).

Walking on the main mountaint of the city among the dancers and the role-players that day reminded me of a few persian miniature paintings about dance and battle. It was as if I went back in time to 1524.
That's where I gave life to an idea of a series of video!

29 August 2012

Détective animé@ Through and Distant


Negar Bouban has released her new album Through. It is composed for solo Oud and vocals based on Persian music.

I'm currently finalising an animation film  based on the forth song of this album Distant.

You can buy the album by following the link below
and enjoy  listening to samples of the album:


Negar Bouban | Through

15 August 2012

Détective animé @ Must-Read

Some days you can't focus on your work and you suddenly notice magic moments that you normally miss! These days it's better to put your work aside and to spend time for something different. While I was taking a break from working on my animations, I came across a link to an interesting post I found on NFB Blog written by Carolyne Weldon. It has been a while I was looking for such a list :

20 Must-Read Blogs for Film Buffs

14 August 2012

Détective animé @ autour d'une table

These days I'm finalizing ''Autour d'une table'', a short animation film I have started 3 years ago! 

Currently I'm working on the music with FXDupas , a great musician whom I had the chance to know thanks to an exchange between the music students of Mcgill, Université de Montréal and Concordia animation students in 2010.

I'm also working on the color correction, final editing and the credits! 

The trailer will be ready very soon !  

05 August 2012

Détective animé @ step by step ''where have I seen this before?''

Interesting to see how I was looking at the subject a year and a half ago and how the whole idea and the visuals have changed (developed?!). These drawings show the visual process from the very beginning to the present. I'm still working on the animations and the background movements. 

27 July 2012

Détective animé @ "Distant " step by step

"Distant" is the name of the song composed and performed by Negar Bouban. Negar is a musician and an Oud player working in Tehran.

We have started working on this music-based film on October 2011 and the final version will be launched by September 2012.

These pictures are the sketches I've done for the video since the beginning to last tests.






19 July 2012

29 June 2012

Détective @ Where have I seen this before

I'm working on a video expo. Three videos inspired by three scenes from three different spots in different parks of Montréal. These videos will be projected on the windows of M.A.I gallery in Fall 2012. Éléonore Goldberg is collaborating with me for the animation and coloration, Jean-Christophe Leblond for the background elements and Julie Verfaillie for sound and music. More pics and videos tests to come.