28 May 2014

"Where have I seen this before" in Zagreb!

An adaptation of the window installation “Where have I seen this before” that I’ve created for the windows of M.A.I. has been selected to be projected on the media facade of MSU (Museum of contemporary art-Zagreb) as part of Animation goes MSU in collaboration with Zagreb Animafest.
A special thanks to Éléonore Goldberg (Animator and colorist), Jean-Christophe Leblond (Urban elements design) and Julie Verfaillie who did a great job for the sound and music of the original work. Although this adaptation will be presented without music because of the limitations of the site but this work owes a lot to her beautiful audio creation.

The first version of this animation was created in 2012 during my residency at MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) and Prim Centre, with the financial support of M.A.I. long-term mentorship program. 

My work will be presented on the MSU façade with 15 other animation works from Japan, Australia, China, USA, Croatia, Austria, Serbia and New Zealand. The opening was on the 23rd of May and the projections will go on till the 8th of June. I'll be there from the 31st to the 8th. I've never been to Zagreb and am really looking forward to a week of adventure, observation, thinking and insta-drawing in a company of the big animation community!

27 May 2014

"Un regard sur l'animation iranienne contemporaine"

Finally the idea I was working on for a long time cam into life and it happened! A selection of 22 animations produced in Iran during the last 10 years was programmed to be shown as part of the Cinemathèque Québécoise's spring program.

Below is an interview between Détective Animé and Parissa (Two souls living in the same body) on the how and why I decided to work on this idea.

Un regard sur l'animation iranienne contemporaine

Program 1

program 2